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Award Winning Short Film, The Investigators, Is Finally Here!

FQ Studios

Feb 28, 2022

The Investigators | Comedy | PG-13

Directed By: Teddy Pryor
Starring: Forest Quaglia, Will O'Connor and Amadeus Finlay

Forest Quaglia Studios is happy to announce the release of The Investigators movie. The short film is now streaming for free at It will also be playing on Reveel,, Roku's IBCN TV, Overdrive and more TBA.

The Investigators, a Massachusetts based short film has recently had a successful run at the film festival circuit. The film won an award for Best-Action/Crime at the comedy festival, Night of Comedy Shorts. It was also nominated for Best-Picture at the International Hollywood Short Film Festival. More updates regarding awards and nominations will be coming soon.

-FQ Studios

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