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Georgia Makitalo

Aug 9, 2021

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What happens when two researchers work on a film about a very charming criminal. Well, if you are watching Lifetime, you know this is going to be a thrilling cautionary tale. Their latest movie, Lethal Love Triangle stars Jacob Taylor (The Killer In My Backyard, Picture Perfect Lies), April Martucci (Party From Hell, Stray Dogs), Savvy Shay (Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County, Sixers), Taylor Jabara (The Price of Fame, Murdersville, USA), Terry Woodberry (Love Is On The Air, 9-1-1), Forest Quaglia (The Bootlegger, Dominoes), Bob Gallagher (Stonegate, The Food That Built America), Shannon Mary Keegan (Missy, The Food That Built America), Joe Rich (The Bootlegger, Pawn In The War Of Alpha And Omega), Lucas Taxter (Metropolis Man), and Courtney Willis.

Are you ready for Lethal Love Triangle?

What Is Lifetime’s Lethal Love Triangle About?
According to the Lifetime synopsis, college students Julia (Shay) and Erin (Jabara) are creating a criminal profile for their criminology class and meet with their subject, Cole (Taylor), a man who claims he is falsely imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

Julia is skeptical of Cole. However, Erin quickly becomes engrossed with his charming demeanor.

But when the girls’ professor, Dr. Stone (Martucci), learns who the subject of their research is, she cautions them to be mindful of Cole’s infamously manipulative tactics to gain the researcher’s trust to prove his innocence. Julia heeds their professor’s warning. But, Erin throws caution to the wind and sleeps with Cole once he’s released from prison.

Moreover, when Erin goes missing, Julia starts a frantic search to find her.

When Can You Watch Lethal Love Triangle?
Lifetime’s Lethal Love Triangle just premiered and is available online.

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